Three Small Steps to Give Yourself a Complete Makeover

Sometimes, life can start to feel a bit monotonous. You wake up at the same time every day, you run a comb through your hair, throw on some makeup, grab a go-to outfit and run out the door.

If this sounds a lot like you, you might benefit from a small personal makeover to help bring energy and excitement back into your life. Just a few small changes to your hair, makeup, and outfits can make a big difference in your day-to-day life.


Changing up your hairstyle is an easy way to completely change your look. If you’ve always had long hair, change it up with a short cut. And, if you’ve never had bangs before, why not give them a try?

If you’re looking to make a big change you try changing up your hair color. You can go online and look for hair coloring in manhattan ny providers. You can switch from blonde to brunette or even throw in a pop of color like red and blue!


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Your makeup routine does not need to be completely overhauled to give yourself a makeover. You can just change the way you do a few key things to make yourself look refreshingly different.

Your eyes are a key feature on your face so make sure they pop!

If you are the type of person to wear a lot of eyeliner, try using only mascara and it will make a big difference in your appearance. Your eyes will look rounder and more open.

You can also change how and where you apply blush and bronzer. If you move the blush and bronzer closer to the apples of your cheeks, you will look different than if you apply back by your temples.


You do not need to revamp your entire closet to give your wardrobe a makeover. Instead, refresh a few key pieces.

Think of day, night, and work attire. For day, purchase a denim jacket. For night, purchase a new leather jacket. For work, purchase a new blazer. Couple those with a pair of light wash and dark wash jeans and you will be mixing and matching all new outfits.

There you have it! Follow these quick steps for a whole new look and brand new outlook on life.