3 Ways to Enhance Sparse Eyelashes

Long thick lashes are always in style. For decades models in advertisements flaunt long, dark, voluminous, thick eyelashes, that draw you in to look at whatever they are selling.

Even in everyday life, full eyelashes are a feature desired by most women. However, not all women are born with naturally lush lashes. If you have sparse eyelashes and want to achieve the timeless full lash effect, there are three steps you can take to do so.


This one may seem obvious, but mascara can help improve the look of sparse lashes if you choose the right kind.

Some mascaras simply coat the lashes with a darker color and add a bit of length. This type of mascara will likely not be very helpful in filling in sparse lashes. However, there are mascaras that add volume and extreme length to lashes, and these types of mascaras will help fill in sparse lashes, at least temporarily.


Artificial lashes can add a level of volume and length that mascaras cannot.

Another option is getting eyelash extensions, in which a professional individually inserts false lash hairs in between your real eyelashes for a more natural and less temporary look. This procedure needs to be done correctly for a positive outcome, so look for lash extensions huntington station ny professionals if you are considering this.


If you don’t like the idea of adhering false lashes to your eyes, you can try lash growth serums. There are a lot of different serums on the market, but the instructions are all the same.

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You simply take the serum and spread it along your upper eyelash line at the root one to two times per day.

There are also natural alternatives that some swear by like using castor oil along the lash line. Of course, results vary from person to person.

Whichever one of the methods you chose, you’re sure to have enhanced and full eyelashes.